Chevy Service Agreement

In fact, these vehicle service contracts are the same as those that dealers sell, but are cheaper because they come directly to the consumer and eliminate the intermediary. The warranties provided by manufacturers limit the use of their dealership service centers and OEM parts. Endurance allows drivers to take their car to any ASE that certifies the shop`s choice of parts for repair or replacement. Vehicle service contracts work exactly as your original manufacturer`s coverage worked. If your car needs to be repaired, just take your car to the nearest dealer or power store or to your certified mechanic. Once your car is ready to be serviced, give your card and your policy covers the necessary repairs. There is a standard deduction rate, but who`s going to worry about $100 if the total repair bill is well over $1250? The deductible refers to how much money you pay out of pocket before paying the benefits of your coverage to repair your mechanical or electrical failure. Some companies allow the visit pro or by repair of franchises. The difference is that deductibles are paid per visit each time a car is introduced for repair/replacement services, regardless of the volume of what is required, while a deductible per repair is paid on the basis of each part that is repaired or replaced. In addition, a 24/7 service contract will provide you with troubleshooting services, including towing, charging the battery, supplying fuel and much more. Through a joint effort of hedging options and payment plans and the freedom to find alternatives outside of Chevrolet or GM, there`s no reason you shouldn`t opt for endurance-free driving. A vehicle service contract – most often called Advanced Car Guarantee , can give you and your Chevrolet the safety behind the wheel for years to come.

Our task is to find you the right service contract (officially known as the protection plan) at the absolute lowest price. With a car service contract, you`re never without coverage. Imagine you can drive your Chevrolet all over town and you`ll never have to worry about paying for a repair. And depending on the coverage you choose, you can have everything covered from power locks to powertrains to power steering. With a car service contract, you have a lot of power in your corner.