Adani Agreement With China

Adani Green Energy`s record $6 billion solar project, announced in June, has no guaranteed customer, as evidenced by its agreement with India`s leading solar adoption agency and could expose the company to higher financial risk. The LIP argued that the “national security threat” invoked by the government, namely the ban on 59 Chinese applications, should be applied uniformly to ensure moUs` termination with Chinese companies. A public interest litigation (PIL) filed in the Supreme Court has requested the cancellation of a billion U.S. dollars signed by the Maharashtra government with Great Wall Motors. Click here to read the Mint ePaperMint is now on telegram. Join the mint chain in your telegram and stay up to date with the latest economic news. East Hope, the Chinese equivalent that signed the MoU, is a 70 billion euro renminbi group and one of the largest companies in China that has commercial interests in the years of aluminum, polysilicon, electricity and feed. In a much smaller but significant agreement, Mukesh Ambanis Reliance Jio, the sole holder of the Panindian BWA license, imported 4.35,000 new 4G SIM cards from China. West Bengal`s chief minister, Mamata Banerjee, called on Prime Minister Modi to prevent Chinese companies from entering sectors of the Indian economy. Reliance imported these 4.35 Lakhs SIM cards at a price of 93.92,846 Rs, according to data from an import tracking site,, published last month, launched its most anticipated 4G service, but only for group employees.

The free offer for the group`s staff will continue until Jio markets its 4G services this year. The Global Times this week hailed Prime Minister Modi`s speech that China is not China`s intrusion into the LAC as positive and useful in defusing border tensions. He (Modi) understands that his country cannot have a new conflict with China, which is why he is also trying to calm tensions,” the newspaper said. Modi`s statements will be very helpful in easing tensions, because as Prime Minister of India, he has eliminated the moral basis of the hard-boiled to continue blaming China,” said Lin Minwang, a professor at the Center for South Asian Studies at Fudan University in Shanghai, the newspaper. “If India is in conflict with Pakistan or other neighbors, nationalism could lead New Delhi into real operations, but when it comes to China, it`s a different story.” Wei Dongxu, a military expert, said the prime minister`s statements that the armed forces should take the necessary measures were “an effort for the local public to appease the Indian masses and boost the morale of Indian troops.” To the Union Minister, General V.K. Singh (retd.), who said that China had lost at least 40 soldiers, the newspaper said he wanted to “appease the nationalists by speculating and satisfying the hard-liners”.” In an article in the China Daily on Saturday, analyst Lan Jianxue of the China Institute of International Studies accused the “right-wing Bharatiya Janata party of successively advancing its hindu ultranationalist agendas through aggressive internal and external policies.”