Twinning Agreement Sample

City twinning is increasingly being used to establish strategic international trade relationships. For example, in the 1990s, when Nottingham City Council in Great Britain considered installing a tram network, Nottingham City Council consulted experts from its twin town, Karlsruhe, which has one of Germany`s largest and most efficient tram networks. With the help of specialist engineers in Karlsruhe, Nottingham completed the second tram line in 2013. [4] In 2014, Bristol and New Orleans, at the initiative of Bristol Mayor George Ferguson, announced their intention to create a tuning partnership based on a common musical heritage and a common cultural offering. [46] Annecy, France and Nerima, Tokyo, have for several years shared a partnership based on their “co-existing animation industry”. [47] [48] Whether it is a twinning oath, a charter or partnership agreement or a cooperation or friendship agreement, it should be submitted to the City Council or City Council for debate on the ratification of the twinning with the twinning city. The oath of partnership is then signed at an official public meeting and, as a rule, announced aloud to those present. The signatory cities are committed together, but this is not legally obligatory and there are no remedies, even if problems arise in the future. Even if this is rare, a local authority can at any time terminate the partnership by the city council, which cancels the ratification of the twinning. China`s relations are managed by the Chinese People`s Association for Friendship with Foreigners.

[57] City twinning is supported in Japan by the Council of Local Authorities for International Relations, a joint agency of local governments established by the Japanese government in 1988 (like Sister Cities International, its equivalent in the United States). More recently, at the initiative of its governor Yoichi Masuzoe, Tokyo has begun to actively promote “urban diplomacy” with other cities. [58] Here is a model for a partnership oath widely used in many countries: America, South Asia and Australasia use the term “sister cities” or “twin cities.” In China, it is the term “Yuh`o chengshe”, friendly cities. [11] Sometimes other government agencies include a partnership relationship, such as the agreement between Hainan provinces in China and Jeju-do in South Korea. The twelve is a twinning of cities with a city from each of the Member States of the European Union. [1] [12] In the United Kingdom, the term “twin cities” is the most widely used; the term “sister cities” is generally used for agreements with cities in North and South America. [1] [6] On the European continent, the most commonly used terms are `twin cities`, `twin cities`, `twin cities` and `friendship cities`. The European Commission uses the term `twin cities` and refers to the process as `twinning cities`. [1] [6] Spain uses the term “ciudades hermanadas,” which means “sister cities.” Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic use the partner city (De) / miasto partnerskie (Pl) / partnersk√© mesto (Cz), which means “partner city” or “partner city”. France uses twin city (twinning, twinning city or city) and Italy a gemellaggio (partnership) and comune gemellato (common partner). [7] In the Netherlands, the terms “Partnerstad” or “Stedenband” (“urban borrowing” when it comes to mutual assistance). In Greece, the word “Adelfopiisi – Fraternity” was adopted.

In Iceland, the terms vinab`ir (friends cities) and Vinaborgir (friends cities) are used. In the former Soviet bloc, “twin cities” and “twin cities” were used,[8] with the “Ru” (sworn brother cities). [9] [10] Although the term is often used in a synonymous manner, with the term “friendship city,” this may mean a more limited relationship to a twin city relationship, and friendship city relations are mayor-mayor agreements. [13] Although not legally binding, signing a formal partnership “sworn” or agreement facilitates the establishment of a long-term relationship of trust