Bjit Author Agreement

This model has been approved by print and verification experts on Typeet and is based on the formatting policies of the International Journal of Information Technology, as outlined in Springer`s author instructions. The current version was created on and was used by 155 authors to write and format their manuscripts. Springer accepts electronic media files (animations, movies, audio, etc.) and other additional files that are published online with an article or book chapter. This feature can add a dimension to the author`s article, as some information cannot be printed or is more convenient in electronic form. The purpose of the evidence is to verify sentence or conversion errors and the completeness and accuracy of text, tables and numbers. Substantial changes in content, such as. B New results, corrected values, title and paternity are not allowed without the publisher`s consent. For authors who use the final note, Springer provides an output style that supports the formatting of in-text quotes and reference lists. Corresponding author: Make it clear who will handle the correspondence at all stages of arbitration and publication. Make sure that the phone numbers (with a country number and a prefix) are listed in addition to the email address and the full postal address. International Journal of Information Technology (IJIT), the official journal of BVICAM, New Delhi , is a biennial peer-reviewed research journal with ISSN 0973-5658, which has been published since 2009, both in hard copy and soft copy. Two points; January June and July December, are published annually.

The journal intends to disseminate original scientific research and knowledge in the field of computer science and information technology and, more generally, of all interdisciplinary engineering flows. Original and unpublished research based on theoretical or experimental work is published in IJIT. We publish two types of problems; Regular editions and specific themes based on themes. The announcement of enertal topics is made from time to time, and as soon as an edition is announced as a theme, the regular edition for this period is not published. Contributions for IJIT`s periodic expenditures may be submitted throughout the year. At the end of the detailed review procedure, when a document is definitively adopted, the decision on the issue in which the document is published is taken by the draft; and the author is therefore intimate. However, for thematic special editions, the special call for documents is announced for the time, and this is the case only for this particular subject.